RT-METER: A Real-Time, Multi-Layer Cyber–Power Testbed for Resiliency Analysis


In this work, we present a Real-Time, Multi-layer cybEr–power TestbEd for the Resiliency analysis (RT-METER) to support power grid operation and planning. Developed cyber-power testbed provides a mechanism for end-to-end validation of advanced tools for cyber-power grid monitoring, control, and planning. By integrating a host of features across three core layers—physical power system, communication network, and monitoring/ control center with advanced tools,—the testbed allows for the simulation of rich and varied cyber-power grid scenarios and the generating realistic sensor, system, and network data. Developing advanced tools to assist operators during complex and challenging scenarios is essential for the successful operation of the future grid. We detail a suite of algorithmic tools validated using the developed testbed for the realistic grid data.

9th Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems, MSCPES@CPSIoTWeek