Using temporal causal models to isolate failures in power system protection devices


We introduced the modeling paradigm of Temporal Causal Diagrams (TCD) in this paper. TCDs capture fault propagation and behavior (nominal and faulty) of system components. An example model for the power transmission systems was also described. This TCD model was then used to develop an executable simulation model in Simulink/ Stateflow. Though this translation of TCD to an executable model is currently done manually, we are developing model templates and tools to automate this process. Simulations results (i.e., event traces) for a couple of single and multi-fault scenarios were also presented. As part of our future work, we wish to test and study the scalability of this approach towards a larger power transmission system taking into account a far richer set of protection elements. Further, we wish to consider more realistic event traces from the fault scenarios including missing, inconsistent and out-of-sequence alarms and events.

IEEE Instrum. Meas. Mag.