Colored Petri Net-based Modeling and Formal Analysis of Component-based Applications


Distributed Real-Time Embedded (DRE) Systems that address safety and mission-critical system requirements are applied in a variety of domains today. Complex, integrated systems like managed satellite clusters expose heterogeneous concerns such as strict timing requirements, complexity in system integration, deployment, and repair; and resilience to faults. Integrating appropriate modeling and analysis techniques into the design of such systems helps ensure predictable, dependable and safe operation upon deployment. This paper describes how we can model and analyze applications for these systems in order to verify system properties such as lack of deadline violations. Our approach is based on (1) formalizing the component operation scheduling using Colored Petri nets (CPN), (2) modeling the abstract temporal behavior of application components, and (3) integrating the business logic and the component operation scheduling models into a concrete CPN, which is then analyzed. This model-driven approach enables a verication-driven workow wherein the application model can be rened and restructured before actual code development.

Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering, Verification and Validation co-located with 17th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, MoDeVVa@MODELS 2014, Valencia, Spain, September 30, 2014