An improved distance relay model with directional element, and memory polarization for TCD based fault propagation studies


Modern Power Systems have evolved into a very complex network of multiple sources, lines, breakers, loads and others. The performance of these interdependent components decide the reliability of the power systems. A tool called “Reasoner” is being developed to deduce fault propagations using a Temporal Causal Diagram (TCD) approach. It translates the physical system as a Cause-effect model. This work discusses the development of an advanced distance relay model, which monitors the system, and challenges the operation of reasoner for refinement. Process of generation of a Fault and Discrepancy Mapping file from the test system is presented. This file is used by the reasoner to scrutinize relays’ responses for active system faults, and hypothesize potential mis-operations (or cyber faults) with a confidence metric. Analyzer (relay model) is integrated to OpenDSS for fault analysis. The understanding of the system interdependency (fault propagation behavior) using reasoner can make the grid more robust against cascaded failures.

2015 North American Power Symposium (NAPS)