RIAPS: Resilient Information Architecture Platform for Decentralized Smart Systems


The emerging Fog Computing paradigm provides an additional computational layer that enables new capabilities in real-time data-driven applications. This is especially interesting in the domain of Smart Grid as the boundaries between traditional generation, distribution, and consumer roles are blurring. This is a reflection of the ongoing trend of intelligence distribution in Smart Systems. In this paper, we briefly describe a component-based decentralized software platform called Resilient Information Architecture Platform for Smart Systems (RIAPS) which provides an infrastructure for such systems. We briefly describe some initial applications built using this platform. Then, we focus on the design and integration choices for a resilient Discovery Manager service that is a critical component of this infrastructure. The service allows applications to discover each other, work collaboratively, and ensure the stability of the Smart System.

20th IEEE International Symposium on Real-Time Distributed Computing, ISORC 2017, Toronto, ON, Canada, May 16-18, 2017