The Role of Context and Resilient Middleware in Next Generation Smart Grids


The emerging trends of volatile distributed energy resources and micro-grids are putting pressure on electrical power system infrastructure. This pressure is motivating the integration of digital technology and advanced power-industry practices to improve the management of distributed electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, thereby creating a web of systems. Unlike legacy power system infrastructure, however, this emerging next-generation smart grid should be context-aware and adaptive to enable the creation of applications needed to enhance grid robustness and efficiency. This paper describes key factors that are driving the architecture of smart grids and describes orchestration middleware needed to make the infrastructure resilient. We use an example of adaptive protection logic in smart grid substations as a use case to motivate the need for contextawareness and adaptivity.

Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Middleware for Context-Aware Applications in the IoT, M4IoT@Middleware 2016, Trento, Italy, December 12-13, 2016