Implementation of a distributed microgrid controller on the Resilient Information Architecture Platform for Smart Systems (RIAPS)


Formation of microgrids have been proposed as a solution to improve grid reliability, and enable smoother integration of renewables into the grid. Microgrids are sections of the grid that can operate in isolation from the main power system. Maintaining power balance within an islanded microgrid is a challenging task, due to the low system inertia, which requires complex control to maintain stable and optimized operation. Many studies have demonstrated feasible distributed microgrid controllers that can maintain microgrid stability in grid connected and islanded modes. However, there is little emphasis on how to implement these distributed algorithms on a computational platform that allows for fast and seamless deployment. This paper introduces a decentralized software platform called Resilient Information Architecture Platform for Smart Systems (RIAPS) that runs on processors embedded with the microgrid component. As an example, we describe the implementation of a distributed microgrid secondary control and resynchronization algorithms on RIAPS platform. The controller developed on RIAPS platform is validated on a real-time microgrid testbed.

2017 North American Power Symposium (NAPS)