A Rapid Testing Framework for a Mobile Cloud


Mobile clouds such as network-connected vehicles and satellite clusters are an emerging class of systems that are extensions to traditional real-time embedded systems: they provide long-term mission platforms made up of dynamic clusters of heterogeneous hardware nodes communicating over ad hoc wireless networks. Besides the inherent complexities entailed by a distributed architecture, developing software and testing these systems is difficult due to a number of other reasons, including the mobile nature of such systems, which can require a model of the physical dynamics of the system for accurate simulation and testing. This paper describes a rapid development and testing framework for a distributed satellite system. Our solutions include a modeling language for configuring and specifying an application’s interaction with the middleware layer, a physics simulator integrated with hardware in the loop to provide the system’s physical dynamics and the integration of a network traffic tool to dynamically vary the network bandwidth based on the physical dynamics.

25nd IEEE International Symposium on Rapid System Prototyping, RSP 2014, New Delhi, India, October 16-17, 2014