Distributed Control Application for Smart Grids using RIAPS


The integration of computational capabilities with the electrical infrastructure of the grid can be envisioned as a societal scale Cyber Physical System (CPS). Middleware frameworks can act as a layer of abstraction that manages the interaction between disparate applications to facilitate intelligent control and management of energy production and consumption. This demonstration showcases Resilient Information Architecture Platform for Smart Grid (RIAPS), a distributed software platform that combines a domain specific modeling language with framework-level services such as communication, remote deployment of applications, distributed coordination, time synchronization, and fault tolerance, to develop and run distributed applications. An example of an energy demand curtailment scheme called load shedding is presented, to highlight how the RIAPS framework can be used to implement distributed algorithms to control elements of a power system, which runs as a simulation using OpenDSS.

2023 IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing (SMARTCOMP)