Forecasting and Mitigating Disruptions in Public Bus Transit Services
Designing Equitable Transit Networks
Designing Equitable Transit Networks
Public transit is an essential infrastructure enabling access to employment, healthcare, education, and recreational facilities. While …
Calibrating Real-World City Traffic Simulation Model Using Vehicle Speed Data
Addressing APC Data Sparsity in Predicting Occupancy and Delay of Transit Buses: A Multitask Learning Approach
ADVISER: AI-Driven Vaccination Intervention Optimiser for Increasing Vaccine Uptake in Nigeria
More than 5 million children under five years die from largely preventable or treatable medical conditions every year, with an …
Designing Equitable Transit Networks
Public transit is an essential infrastructure enabling access to employment, healthcare, education, and recreational facilities. While …
A Review of Incident Prediction, Resource Allocation, and Dispatch Models for Emergency Management
In the last fifty years, researchers have developed statistical, data-driven, analytical, and algorithmic approaches for designing and …
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Data driven methods for effective micromobility parking
Out-of-Distribution Detection in Multi-Label Datasets using Latent Space of β-VAE
Impact of COVID-19 on Public Transit Accessibility and Ridership
Public transit is central to cultivating equitable communities. Meanwhile, the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 and associated social …
A Binary Decision Diagram Based Cascade Prognostics Scheme For Power Systems
A Decentralized Approach for Real Time Anomaly Detection in Transportation Networks
Model-based design for CPS with learning-enabled components
Recent advances in machine learning led to the appearance of Learning-Enabled Components (LECs) in Cyber-Physical Systems. LECs are …
On Benchmarking for Crowdsourcing and Future of Work Platforms
CPS Design with Learning-Enabled Components: A Case Study
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are used in many applications where they must perform complex tasks with a high degree of autonomy in …
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An emerging trend in Internet of Things (IoT) applications is to move the computation (cyber) closer to the source of the data …
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Smart City Hubs: Opportunities for Integrating and Studying Human CPS at Scale
Distributed Real-Time Managed Systems: A Model-Driven Distributed Secure Information Architecture Platform for Managed Embedded Systems
Architecting software for a cloud computing platform built from mobile embedded devices incurs many challenges that aren’t …
Understanding Failure Dynamics in the Smart Electric Grid
Software health management
Power-Aware Modeling and Autonomic Management Framework for Distributed Computing Systems
Implementing Autonomic Computing Methods to Improve Attack Resilience in Web Services
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Recent advances in sensor and weapons systems are significantly increasing the electrical power that is required and the thermal loads …
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Autonomic Healing of Model-Based Systems
Model Identification for Performance Management of Distributed Enterprise Systems
Resource-Aware Deployment and Configuration of Fault-tolerant Real-time Systems
Reflex and healing architecture for software health management
Performance modeling of distributed multi-tier enterprise systems